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Waste Management – BEEAH


BeeA’h Waste Management Division (WMD) was founded around 30 years ago to support the industrial waste management inside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We provide capabilities and services to deliver innovative value-added solutions to all customers.

WMD has developed expertise over the entire spectrum of the environmental management field to provide safe and efficient solutions for industrial customers with respect to environmental improvements and pollution abatement.

BeeA’h was the first company of its kind in the Middle East operating licensed facilities for the sustainable treatment and environmentally safe disposal of wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial wastes.

More than 2 million tons of industrial and hazardous waste has successfully been processed till date.

BeeA’h Waste Management Division Provides

Treatment and Disposal Methods:

BeeA’h was the first organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1997 to build and operate a dedicated incineration facility with environmentally friendly emissions free technology.

The capacity of TTU’s was increased following the rapid expansion of industries specially in Jubail Industrial area as well as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Accordingly, second thermal treatment unit (incineration) was introduced in the year of 2010 with higher treatment capacity under more strict environmental control.

Third Incineration plant with a state of art technology and more environment friendly is under commissioning and expected to be fully operational by 2021. This unit is one of the largest and most robust of its kind worldwide.

Our thermal treatment units can handle all streams of hazardous Solid, sludge and aqueous waste streams.

Annual treatment capacity of incineration units is:

  • Thermal Treatment Unit # 1: 11000 MT
  • Thermal Treatment Unit # 2: 15000 MT
  • Thermal Treatment Unit # 3: 35000 MT

Waste Management Division at BeeA’h provides direct disposal services of industrial and hazardous waste in Class I and Class II Landfill cells.

The landfill facility started operation in 1989 in Jubail Industrial City.

The facility operates nine (9) Class II and two (2) Class I landfill cells in accordance with the internationally recognized standards and in compliance with applicable local regulatory requirements.

Around 1.8 million MT of industrial and hazardous wastes have been disposed in Class 1 and Class 2 landfills since the start of the operation more than 30 years ago.

A new landfill facility with higher capacity and better technology is in operation at the west side of Jubail Industrial area with additional 450,000 MT capacity.

Our landfill operation is supported by fleet of equipment for proper segregation and compaction.

Physical treatment of industrial and hazardous wastes includes processes that separate components of a waste stream or change its physical form without altering the chemical structure of the constituent materials.

BeeA’hs stabilization plant is stationed at the landfill facility with rated annual capacity of 10,000 MT. The state-of-the-art technology employed in this unit ensures the physical stability of the hazardous waste with no risk of leachate in-leakage within the landfill cell.

Special skips are designed to transfer and contain contaminants to avoid the release of pollutants in the atmosphere.

Large quantities of hazardous wastes are typically generated from chemical and refinery processes. The chemical treatment plant utilizes processes to alter the chemical structure of the constituents of the waste to produce non-hazardous waste material.

BeeA’hs first chemical treatment plant (neutralization plant) is commissioned in 1995.

In view of higher demand from industries, BeeA’h has invested to construct new chemical treatment facility (first of its kind in the Middle East) with robust technology and higher industrial standards that specialized in the removal of Heavy Metals and other pollutants.

The facility is under construction by an international contractor specialized in oil and gas, power, and environmental technologies.

The addition of the new chemical treatment plant will enhance the annual chemical treatment capacity to 20,000 MT. 

Chemical treatment processes include:

  • Acid alkali neutralization.
  • Heavy metals precipitation system.
  • Oxidation-reduction.

Direct disposal of industrial and non-hazardous waste into Solar Evaporation pond is one of the key waste management services of the company. BeeA’h has twelve (12) evaporation ponds with varying dimensions and capacities with total holding capacity of approximately 60,000 m3.

All ponds are constructed with impervious HDPE lining for the protection of underlying aquifers and equipped with waste discharge station for environmentally safe operation.